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Custom Application Development

Application Development Services

Whether you need to improve the effectiveness of your existing applications, or need to build a powerful new web solution from the ground up, we have the expertise and methodology to meet your needs. We provide complete end-to-end services for mission-critical applications demanding high-availability and superior performance. Our comprehensive offering includes: an initial assessment, design, project planning and management, development, integration with existing applications and hosting. And, our centralized knowledge centre ensures that our team has immediate access to relevant, project specific information for a consistent understanding of your environment and processes. This makes us completely accountable, provides one point of contact, and eliminates problems that often occur when multiple suppliers are involved.

Custom Applications

We deliver a full range of services including initial assessment, design, project planning and management, application development and integration with your existing applications. Our web applications are robust, secure, and available 24 X 7.

Latitude44 Development Model

Once we have completed your initial assessment and have a full understanding of your objectives, our team of certified experts utilizes our proven methodology to break down your project into defined, manageable phases. Our application development approach is based on the following principles: architecture centered development; concurrent execution of project activities, evolutionary prototyping and collaboration of teams and independent centers of expertise. It is an umbrella approach which encompasses all elements of design, quality control, validation and project management. In breaking down the project life cycle into different phases and iterations, we can easily work with you to set objectives, requirements, activities and deliverables for each phase of the project.

Our Development Platform

Latitude44 has invested heavily in developing a solid technical foundation for application development using object oriented (OO) principles, a multi-layer architecture and industry recognized design model. We typically develop VB & C# .NET technology which provides a reliable development platform for our rapid deployment objectives with flexibility and cost effectiveness. We are committed to continuous improvement in an ongoing effort to enhance our development priciples and practices to better meet our customer’s requirements.

Development Environments

Latitude44 leverages MS Team Foundation Server and employs separate and secure development environments for the different phases of your project. During each phase of our development cycle, your project will reside on different environments adapted to the nature of the phase. Our integrated development environments provide all the tools needed to develop, validate and deploy your solution, from beginning to end:

  • Development
    comprised of several server environments for development and a database for the development, integration, quality assurance environments
  • Quality Assurance
    comprised of a server with automated testing tools and containing the same operating system and the same application access elements as the production environment, and an independent database server containing data as close as possible in volume and type to that found on the production environment.
  • UAT - User Acceptance Testing
    comprised of an application and database server, this environment is typically hosted by Latitude44 and is employed to perform final review and testing by our clients' stakeholders.