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Automotive DMS (Dealership Management Systems)

Our team has developed a full-service, web based DMS for the retail automotive space. Customer, Vehicle and Parts Management, Vehicle Sales and Service, inventory management and customer support. We've successfully implementation a unified 100% web interface with an all-seeing view of every facet of the organizations’ information and critical data.

Healthcare and Data Compilers

We have experience customizing Pivotal CRM (r2-r4) for a large plasma derivative vendor and a large data compiler in the United States. In addition to customization and ongoing maintenance we successfully integrated Pivotal with several backend accounting and inventory systems for these organizations.

Insurance Adjusters

We have experience developing full-service Insurance Brokerage software for large independent Insurance vendors. With thousands of complex business processes, insurance companies struggle to deliver the level of service that customers demand, engage in cost-effective processing and ensure regulatory compliance. Both property and casualty claim processing insurers needed the ability to streamline their front-end and back-office processes, contain costs and achieve higher levels of customer efficiencies.

Voice And Data, Predictive Dialers, IP PBX Systems

We have developed full service inbound and outbound contact centre solutions for small to mid-sized support and sales organizations. We have significant experience with predictive dialer solutions as well as IP telephony applications and large and small PBX systems.

Email Marketing

We have developed target marketing email distribution software for high-end restaurant and bar businesses as well as web presences for several operations.