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Company Overview

Who we are

Latitude 44 Solutions is a software development and an IT professional services company committed to the fundamentals that help all of our stakeholders achieve their software application goals. Our professionals provide end-to-end IT and business process services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of our clients’ businesses. This commitment and know-how has served us well with a solid history of successful application deliveries.

What do we do

We are experts in IT Infrastructure and Software Solutions, and for over 12 years we've been helping a variety of organizations achieve the maximum value from their IT investment. We typically work with private sector customers and develop process driven software applications and tools to streamline manual processes and highlight inefficiencies and redundancies and through our know-how and experience we'll make you more agile. We deliver a wide range of services and our core areas of expertise include: Reporting, Business Intelligence, Information Security, Infrastructure Optimization, Complex Inventory systems and Point of Sale.

Why Latitude

The following competitive advantages allow our company to offer better quality of service to our customers:

Agile Methodologies

We typically follow the agile software development methodology. These are modern methodologies which evolved along with web technologies and are specifically well suited to handle rapid web application development. This methodology enables short development cycles and delivery of working software in early stages of a project.

Expert Developers

Our resources are well trained certified developers with expert knowledge in relevant technologies and proven experience.

  • We have dedicated Project Managers and Account Managers to manage all communication from project initiation to delivery.
  • We adjust our working hours to fit with our customer’s schedule and/or time-zone.
  • We have automated project tracking and issue reporting systems deployed for every engagement.
  • We offer a very attractive price point with either fixed or time and materials options and offer flexible payment methods and contract terms.

At Latitude44 we help our customers to create innovative software products. Our team consists of experienced Product Managers, Business Analysts and Application Developers which will bring creative ideas about software product features and capabilities and make sure that your software is as user friendly and easy to use as technically possible.

Total Solutions

We design around your existing business processes and integrate with any and all complementary services to provide total solutions to clients. Our company provides creative design, hosting, support and maintenance for every application that we develop.

Quality Guarantee

For all applications developed we offer a "zero defect" guarantee. We will not release our product until all known issues have been resolved and final sign-off has been achieved. We have been developing production grade, mission critical solutions for over 12 years and enjoy long standing relationships with all of our past customers.

Success Record

We have a solid track-record of successful projects and we are always looking for our next technology challenge. Give one of our experienced account managers a call to discuss your next development project.